Winter 2015 Newsletter

FusionFest ’15 is a brand new fundraiser for Cancer Wellness Connections, and a collaborative effort between Rochester Institute of Technology and CWC. On Friday, March 20 you can have fun and support a great cause by playing video games! At the hub of FusionFest ’15 is a LAN (Local Area Network) party. RIT students are renowned for these events where participants gather with their gaming consoles for a tournament of live (and lively) video game play. This LAN Party has a fundraising twist and you can join in, too. Go to our home page and follow the link to set up your own fundraising page and have your own game-a-thon on Friday, March 20 in the comfort of your own home. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you as you play video games by the hour. Form a team and compete against others, all for a good cause.

Volunteer Spotlight
Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to give back more to your community? Consider volunteering your time and expertise with Cancer Wellness Connections! When Dave Beck retired five years ago, he knew that he wanted to volunteer in a couple of areas that were dear to his heart. One area of focus was to help those dealing with cancer. Dave had lost his wife Nancy to ovarian cancer in 1997, and he remembered well the long days spent in the infusion center. Dave first joined up with CWC via participation in the 5K, but has since become a regular food-pick-up volunteer and presence at St. Mary’s.