Packing Your Own Food

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of self care.  Actively pursuing good nutrition can also help by empowering feelings of maintaining control during otherwise overwhelming or chaotic circumstances. Your treatment may affect your palate and create sensitivities, but optimizing nutrition throughout treatment is always important. And consult with your healthcare providers for any individual dietary constraints or directives.  

If it’s your first treatment, check about the amenities or accommodations your treatment facility has available for your use: do they provide lunch or snacks, do they have a microwave or fridge available for patient use?  If you do bring in your own food, please be mindful of strong food aromas which might be difficult for other patients coping with nausea.

Bringing your own food to the infusion center will help you feel more comfortable and in control.

You know what you have to eat and can snack whenever you feel like it. Nutrition is important in your recovery.

“Being in control of what you’re eating and how you’re eating it is a powerful tool when everything else around you is out of control,” Andrea Mosher, a certified nutrition coach. “This is one thing you can take control of.”

Containers are key, and Mosher offers these suggestions:

  • Bring a container for water, either with or without a straw. An insulated beverage container can hold soup or something cold.
  • A shaker bottle holds fruit, vegetable or yogurt smoothies.
  • Ball jars can hold a variety of food, including a salad or overnight oats.
  • Insulated bags help keep your snacks and lunch at the proper temperature. They are easy to carry and some have inserts for ice packs or utensils, or pockets for water bottles.
  • Clear containers so you can see what’s inside and make it easy to reach what you want when you want it. They also are reusable and can be packed the night before you go
  • A favorite napkin and coaster provide a homey touch.

“Make yourself feel special and give yourself the best options when it comes to taking care of yourself with good nutrition,” she said.

For more info on packing your own food...

When life seems to be slipping out of hand, our nutrition is always one of the things you can take control of.  This is one thing that you can do to take care of yourself, so you can be powerful and strong when things seem to be out of control.  Andrea Mosher, certified nutrition coach and personal trainer, shares with us some excellent tips for bringing foods that you like that will also empower you.  With these tips, you will create a system that nourishes you and does not create excess waste.  Please download the tips sheet by clicking the “Download PDF” button below.  The Cancer Wellness Connections team is here to make sure you have good nutrition and a good experience during your treatment.

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