March 2023 Newsletter

March 2023 Newsletter
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Celebrating Powerful Women

Women’s History Month has us thinking about our co-founders, Dr. Cynthia Angel and Eileen Grossman. They were both inspired to work tirelessly to empower women along their cancer journeys. Following their leads, we are continuing to connect with amazing and powerful women in our community who are just as committed to uplifting others. Every month, we plan to introduce some of these new partners, and also share our latest supportive programming that will help you along your cancer journey wherever you may be. Read on!

Eileen Grossman


Dr. Pebble Kranz & Jessica Janik LMFT, are Cancer Wellness Connections’ “Sexual Wellness During and After Gynecologic Cancers” program leaders. Dr. Kranz is also affiliated with URMC’s Gynecologic Oncology Division. In this video they explain that it’s not just about sex, but about how women can renew their relationships with their bodies after gynecologic cancers.

Session Dates: orientation – 4/1 9am-12pm Weekly Sessions: 4/4,11,18,25 6pm-7:30pm
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“Health” includes Sexual Health

Sexual health encompasses far more than merely sexual activity. It is about your relationship to your body and your overall quality of life. Gynecologic cancers can change how you feel about your body. Have your bodily sensations changed during or after treatment, making it more difficult to feel comfortable? You are not alone– some sources estimate over 90% of gynecologic cancer patients experience varying degrees of disruption in sexuality and sexual experience.

Much of this can be due to:

  • Fatigue
  • Sadness
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Feelings of embarrassment or shame about body changes
  • Overwhelm

If the process of cancer treatment has changed your body and how you feel about it, then our free virtual program for Sexual Wellness During and After Gynecologic Cancers may be helpful.

Our next Book Club Meeting is on Wednesday, March 29, 7:00pm. Here’s why you should join in!

Getting on the Same Page: 5 Surprising Benefits of Book Clubs

Bibliotherapy is the use of story to promote health and healing. As such, book clubs can be beneficial in multiple ways and can improve overall quality of life for anyone coping with cancer.  

  • According to scientific research on the outcomes of bibliotherapy, cancer patients have most often reported overall stress reduction, relief of anxiety and depression, and more effective coping in general.
  • Books provide a welcome safe haven and positive distraction from cancer-related worries.
  • Books can be informative, comforting, insightful and fun.
  • A book club provides a setting to connect with others sharing similar life experiences while focusing on a noncancer activity. Because there’s more to life than cancer!
  • Sharing discussion over time during book club meetings can help cultivate lifelong friendships and build community. Community support is essential for overall social health and wellbeing.    

Our next featured book is:

This Is Not a Book About Benedict Cumberbatch: The Joy of Loving Something–Anything–Like Your Life Depends On It 
by Tabitha Carvan

Race Registration is now open!

Join us on Saturday, September 9th, 2023, 9:00a.m. at Monroe Community College for the 16th Annual Gynecologic Cancers 5k. Help us raise awareness and celebrate women and families impacted by Gynecologic Cancers. Funds raised go to providing Cancer Wellness Connection’s free programs, supporting all who experience gynecologic cancers, through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

SHARING IS CARING: If you know anyone who has been impacted by Gynecologic Cancers and would benefit from our programming, please share this page with them!

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