The Meaning Behind This Year’s Race Logo

GC5k logo

Awareness ribbons…they’re everywhere. The first colored ribbon was used in 1991 to represent breast cancer awareness. Since then, other colored ribbons have been created to represent different types of cancer and are a simple way to show support for those affected by different types of cancer. The color that represents all Gynecologic Cancers is purple. But…

‘Gynecologic Cancers’ is the umbrella term for the five main types of cancer that start in a woman’s reproductive organs. Cervical, Ovarian, Endometrial, Vulvar and Vaginal are distinct with varying symptoms, screening, detection, treatments and outcomes. The colors that represent those cancers are as follows:

  • Cervical Cancerteal & white            
  • Ovarian Cancerteal      
  • Endometrial Cancerpeach      
  • Vulvar Cancerviolet      
  • Vaginal Cancerlavender      
GC5k logo

Having a tribe is important and validating for our individual experiences and struggles. However, it’s also important to have a larger community of support, and to be able to relate to the similarities between our collective struggles. Our race logo this year represents the colors associated with each individual Gynecologic Cancer, coming together into our unified purple ribbon of community support. Our many colors come together to create one unique ribbon that unifies us.

A registration for this year’s race shows support for ALL those who have been impacted by Gynecologic Cancers. Additionally, funding raised this year will be shared with Dr. Richard Moore’s gynecologic cancers research team for local research being conducted currently in the Greater Rochester Community.