June 2023 Newsletter

Dr. Moore

Dr. Richard Moore: “It’s an honor” to care for women living through cancer

Dr. Richard Moore is the director of UR Medicine’s Gynecologic Oncology Division and leads the Wilmot Cancer Center’s Gynecology Service Line. He also is the director of the Targeted Therapeutics Laboratory for Gynecologic Cancers. “Women with ovarian cancer are the most motivated people you will ever meet to advocate for their disease to enroll in clinical trials and to be very positive,” Dr. Moore said. “I’m amazed every day by the women that I am honored to treat because they’re knowledgeable about their disease, they fight so hard and they will do almost anything to make their lives better and to move forward and to make other people’s lives better. With their attitude and how they fight and how they embrace life, it’s inspiring.” Read the full article

The Meaning Behind This Year’s Race Logo

Awareness ribbons; they’re everywhere. The first colored ribbon was used in 1991 to represent breast cancer awareness. Since then, other colored ribbons have been created to represent different types of cancer and are a simple way to show support for those affected by cancer. The color that represents all Gynecologic Cancers is purple.

But…read the full article

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Cooking Demo graphic

Nutrition Support with Sweet Pea

Focusing on foods that help fight cancer and inflammation, we held our very first Nutrition Support Session and Cooking Demo on May 23rd. Sweet Pea’s Registered Dietitian, Jen Nguyen, taught us about anti-inflammatory foods, antioxidant rich foods and some simple ways to incorporate them into daily meals. We watched Jen make a couple quick meals that are as easy to prepare as they are healthy and delicious. Our next virtual Nutrition and Cooking Session on June 20th from 6-7 PM will focus on energy boosting foods that are also nutrient dense, and yummy too!